Touchdowns and Tangents 110: Joe Flacco, Kareem Hunt and Colin Kaepernick

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers

Kenny and Pete breakdown the latest NFL news early in the offseason. This includes the Denver Broncos getting Joe Flacco. They also get into an epic tangent about Daunte Culpepper’s legacy.


Colin Kaepernick, Kareem Hunt’s signing and Kyler Murray must also be addressed. Adam Silver and AAF come in not too distant tangents as well. Robert Alford and Antonio Brown are brought up too.

This podcast is like when a game is really bad so you and your friends have way more interesting conversations about life and popular culture. Oh yeah, is stanning part of popular culture now?

Also check out the after show where Kenny and Pete discuss their new segment as well as Pete finally getting a new car. P.S. it was almost Kenny’s B-Day.

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