Touchdowns and Tangents 74: Rams talk, Jamal Lewis, Cam Chancellor and more

Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day

The culturally conscious duo of LA based sports writers Kenneth Frank James Berry and Pete D. Camarillo embark on their weekly parlance in the realm of sports, corporate correctness and its societal impact. It is a Rams takeover for episode 74, as requested by the fans. 

The debate for greatest St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams RB starts when Jake E. from Downtown Rams Podcast calls in for a guest spot.

This ignited some internal conflict when Jake and Pete when Kenny makes the case for Steven Jackson in that he is the franchises’ all-time leading rusher and played so some of the worst teams with the least amount of help compared to Hall of Famers Eric Dickerson and Marshall Faulk, whom the trio agrees is better than Jackson.

Is Todd Gurley better than Steven Jackson? Very few franchises have had a better lineage of running backs. Jerome Bettis wasn’t even mentioned somehow. Also, Isaac Bruce v.s. Torry Holt is brought up.

The nightmarish tale of former NFL great Jamal Lewis is brought to the forefront as well as the future of Kam Chancellor. Kenny gives some college football news. Kenny and Pete take sides in the Drake v.s. Pusha T saga.

Bob Garcia also calls in to give his takes on this heated Rams debate. Plus, he breaks down the NBA Finals as they went on including who is to blame between JR Smith, George Hill and Ty Lue.


What this Podcast is like…

This podcast is like your second home. It isn’t officially a Rams, Raiders or any West Coast team’s show but you’ll feel comfortable listening to this show even if it isn’t about a team that you care about.

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