Touchdowns and Tangents: Life after football, Democratic Debates and more

NCAA Football: Oklahoma Pro Day

Touchdowns and Tangents is filled with some great tangents on real life and life after football.

Despite the technical difficulties, Kenny and Pete get Lyles from the After the Gridiron Podcast to call in. He shares his new found perspective on life after football as well as the passion that drove him to create his podcast. The former CFL player also gives his take on Thomas Jones versus Larry Johnson.

The duo also get into a tangent about Cam Newton’s flight experience and Intern Cerv is not here for it.

The tangents continue with live reaction from the first round of Democratic debates. Reoccurring guest and friend of the show Ryan Mancini calls in for his first reaction from the debate since he is the political coorespondent.

Of course, Kenny and Pete make their way through the latest NFL news like Tyreke Hill and all the nonsense happening with College Football versus the state of California.

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