Touchdowns and Tangents Podcast: ISSA fade when there’s a gap in pay

Touchdowns and Tangents Podcast

Kenneth Berry and Pete D. Camarillo focus on the wage gap between NBA and NFL players. They also apply some topical NBA news to football. Madden ratings, the ESPYs, McGregor vs. Mayweather and Tom Brady’s book make their way into the podcast. Kenny and Pete also debate the latest hip hop albums, per usual. That includes 4:44 and ISSA releases.


What is the Touchdowns and Tangents Podcast?

Listen to “ISSA Fade when there’s a gap in pay” on Spreaker.

This podcast is more than a football podcast for football heads by football heads. TDs & Tangents features topical tangents and endless banter surrounding the NFL, culture, and society. That means race, sex, hip hop, food, politics, economics, religion and almost everything else comes up during this football podcast.

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