Touchdowns and Tangents: WWE, Black Lives Matter and the XFL

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Touchdowns and Tangents took a different route with a roundtable about Wrestling. Expert panelists Cedric Welton and Rayvon Hill shared their expertise.

Welton is a podcaster and journalists covering combat sports and wrestling. Hill is a PR alumni of the WWE as well as a passionate historian.

Kenny and Pete wrap up the show by addressing the NFL and Kaepernick along with the week’s NFL rumors.

The WWE roundtable comes a few weeks after the George Floyd Protests sparked Black Lives Matters protests around the city.

Kenny led a community healing featuring call-ins from across southern California. The guests shared their roles in the protest and movement along with everything else they needed to share.It’s a powerful episode off the beaten path.

Finally, Touchdowns and Tangents featured XFL alumni and current NFL prospect Dwayne Wallace as he shared his story with the upstart league and everything else across his journey.




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