TP and Eva

Enough already! This TP and Eva fiasco has got to stop! What’s next? TP to be on the “Satan” Winfrey Show? DAMN! HE IS! Hence my blog entry for the day!
That’s right Spurscast listeners, instead of working on his shot, or preparing for the stretch run of the NBA schedule, TP is going to be on the Satan Show with Eva “I will suck pole for attnetion” Longoria. TP don’t do it!
You know he had no choice in the matter. It was either go on the show or Eva was going to play “tag” with AC Slater eerrrrrrr I mean Mario Lopez.
Come on dude! TP I know you don’t want to go. You said it yourself, you were mainly doing this for her. What? You have to hold her hand? You want to make sure Jamie Foxx isn’t around?
Hey I understand. It’s Eva Longoria! Hot little number from Desperate “Whore”wives! If you didn’t go she might yell “Fine TP don’t go. Now serving number 31!” Which, by the way, is my number!
I mean get something out of it. I know! Ask Satan to allow you to perform some of your rap songs from your upcoming album. I really want to hear your rap songs titled “Choked In The NBA Finals” and “Speedy Claxton Saved My Ass.”
Just make sure there aren’t any Mexican bike cops around.
Co-Host of The Spurscast

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