Trae Young speaks out at protest in front of hometown crowd

Hawks star point guard Trae Young is using his platform to hopefully spark social change around the country.

Young stood alongside other protesters in his hometown of Norman, Okla., and he didn’t just sit idle while others voiced their opinions. Instead, he actually pushed through the crowd and took the stage at the rally, speaking out about the George Floyd protests about police brutality and injustice.

He wore a black bandana and sunglasses, and had this to say to the crowd:

“I’m not used to doing this,” Young said at the start of his remarks, as transcribed by Yahoo Sports. “I’m not very open about what I see or the things that go on in this world very often, but for me, even though I’m just 21 years old, I feel that it was necessary. This is bigger than me, and I feel like this is a big step in the right direction.”

He continued:

“I grew up here in Norman, everywhere I go I try to represent this city the best I can. I know this country is in a messed up place right now. And for me, I just think it’s important that we all stick together and stand up for what’s right. It’s not just going to take just me. It’s not just going to take just you. It’s all of us coming together and doing this as a collective unit. I feel like justice will be served and changes will be made if we all come together. This is us doing it. This is the first step.”

Strong words from Ice Trae there.