Tristan Thompson gets into heated argument with head coach John Beilein during game (Video)

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The Cavaliers players — well, some of them, at least — clearly don’t respect head coach John Beilein, and that was made clear during Thursday’s game against the Spurs.

Rumors have been swirling about the Cavs players not appreciating Beilein’s coaching style, essentially insinuating that he babies them, and treats them like younger players. That type of approach may work in college, but usually doesn’t go over well in the NBA, where veteran players make their voices heard in the locker room.

The dissension appeared to boil over onto the court during Thursday’s game, when Beilein stepped onto the court to criticize Tristan Thompson over a perceived lack of hustle on an offensive rebound. Thompson responded by yelling at his head coach on the sideline soon after.

To be fair, Beilein sure isn’t the first person to challenge Thompson’s work ethic.

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