Tuesday ‘Expanding Horizons’ Links – Rich Rodriguez Still Has His Job, Ridiculous Blake Griffin Alley Oop, Jay-Z and Kanye West Announce New Album, & Katy Perry Shows a Side We Don’t Want to See

As you may have noticed, we’re trying to change up the links titles a bit. One thing that will not change, however, is daily awesomeness.

Cynthia Urias

  • I spent a lot of yesterday just refreshing Mgoblog for any word on Rich Rodriguez’s status despite knowing no announcement was going to happen before Stanford played last night. As expected, no news so far.
  • Speaking of inhuman individuals, Blake Griffin is also otherworldly. I especially like how Baron Davis doesn’t even look at the hoop when he tosses the pass up there now.
  • Apparently Jay-Z and Kanye West have announced that they are putting out a new collaborative album in one week. I’m curious to know if they’re making the entire thing in one week or if it will just be released in one week. Hopefully it’s the former but either way it should be awesome.

Katy Perry

  • I’m not exactly sure how many Canadian readers we have, but our neighbors to the north were quite pleased with the 4-1 beating they delivered the USA in the World Junior Hockey Championships yesterday.
  • Those active in the Detroit blogging community have probably interacted with Cath Peters (a.k.a. Baroque and/or Ms. B) at some point. Read this post about Chris Osgood and you’ll understand why we’ve pestered her for so long to start her own site. Fantastic stuff.
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