Tuesday Links – Detroit’s Newest ‘Stache, Bill Martin’s Temper, & Marisa Miller

  • The big man turns 40 today. In honor of Sesame Street’s 40th anniversary, Bethlehem Shoals looks back at basketball’s place in SS history. I’m pretty sure everyone would love to go back to the days where counting to 10 was a major academic achievement. (Yeah, it’s a bit of a slow day) [via Ball Don’t Lie]
  • For those wondering what happened to Andy Van Slyke, the Tigers have found a replacement in former infielder Tom Brookens. Most of the Tigers blogosphere is wondering if Brookens will replace Jim Leyland as the Tigers’ manager when he retires. If so, Leyland’s moustache has definitely found a suitable replacement.
  • The Oriole Post looks at the possibility of Matt Holliday wearing a Baltimore uniform next season. If I were them, I’d be looking back at Holliday’s stats with the A’s last year and sprinting in the opposite direction. Besides, from what many have seen, their current LF Luke Scott is pretty good.
  • Speaking of baseball free agents, The Big Lead has realized that there’s not much out there after Holliday. They’ve offered a few names as possible trade bait this offseason. I’ve got another name: Miguel Cabrera. Oh, wait. Yeah, nice job with that one ESPN.
  • SEC Rivals takes a look at the prevailing theory that the SEC officials are “fixing” games to give Alabama and Florida the best shot(s) possible at the BCS National Championship. Make sure you check out the rest of their site too, their college football coverage is top-notch. As for the conspiracy theories, I’m still not sure one way or the other. You be the judge.
  • The Michigan Daily broke a story today about a couple of run-ins between athletic director Bill Martin and two DPS employees during home football games. As a Michigan student, I’m convinced you’d have to be oblivious to the world to not recognize Martin, especially when his mug is on the front page of that paper almost every week. [via Deadspin]
  • Keeping up with our recent soccer psychos theme, Gunaxin has five crazy incidents in soccer hooligan history. And you thought this guy has it bad…
Rich Rodriguez
  • Guyism makes up an excuse to post pictures of Marisa Miller. The title? All bullshit. Do we care? Hell no.
Marisa Miller
Rob’s Highlight of the Day
If that last link wasn’t enough of a highlight for you, here’s one more. If real sports action is your thing, whitey Matt Bonner throws down an uncontested dunk against the Toronto Raptors. [via Ball Don’t Lie]