Two Posters Preview the Yankee Series

Over at the Blair Wadsin Project, poster Don Buddin has posted a great look at the Red Sox/Yankees series, which is reposted below. I am only posting the offensive numbers, because Buddin uses a number for pitching that I have not figured out yet what is.

Magic number for Wild Card: 12
Magic number for Division: 21
[Ed Note: Statistics are as follows: Average/On-Base Percentage/Slugging Percentage (Runs Created Per 27 Outs)]
c – Jorge Posada 264/403/469 (5.9 RC/27)
Jason Varitek 304/399/493 (6.3 RC/27)
1b – John Olerud 289/365/380 (5.5 RC/27)
Kevin Millar 299/382/484 (6.1 RC/27)
2b – Miguel Cairo 292/341/429 (4.7 RC/27)
Mark Bellhorn 265/374/460 (6.4 RC/27)
3b – Alex Rodriguez 290/379/516 (6.7 RC/27)
Kevin Youkilis 268/372/437 (6.2 RC/27)
ss – Derek Jeter 288/348/467 (5.5 RC/27)
Orlando Cabrera 291/323/459 (4.5 RC/27)
lf – Hideki Matsui 297/391/509 (7.5 RC/27)
Manny Ramirez 313/402/625 (7.8 RC/27)
cf – Bernie Williams 256/349/415 (4.7 RC/27)
Johnny Damon 310/388/474 (6.4 RC/27)
rf – Gary Sheffield 298/402/548 (8.1 RC/27)
Trot Nixon 288/352/477 (4.8 RC/27)
dh – Jason Giambi 214/353/391 (5.7 RC/27)
David Ortiz 298/373/600 (7.5 RC/27)
New York:
Bubba Crosby 143/192/286 (4.1 RC/27)
Tony Clark 231/307/483 (5.4 RC/27)
Felix Escalona 000/000/000 (0.0 RC/27)
John Flaherty 241/279/448 (3.6 RC/27)
Kenny Lofton 280/346/409 (4.7 RC/27)
Dioner Navaro 1000/1000/1000 (632.6 RC/27)
Andy Phillips 000/000/000 (0.0 RC/27)
Ruban Sierra 256/310/477 (6.0 RC/27)
Enrique Wilson 216/256/333 (3.4 RC/27)
Rickey Gutierrez 355/375/387 (2.8 RC/27)
Adam Hyzdu 500/500/1000 (32.5 RC/27)
Gabe Kapler 273/307/401 (3.6 RC/27)
Sandy Martinez 000/000/000 (-2.7 RC/27)
David McCarty 245/319/378 (3.5 RC/27)
Doug Mientkiewicz 227/280/320 (3.0 RC/27)
Doug Mirabelli 281/366/519 (6.9 RC/27)
Bill Mueller 281/363/447 (5.3 RC/27)*
Pokey Reese 228/275/313 (2.6 RC/27)
Dave Roberts 269/342/448 (4.3 RC/27)
*Out indefinitely (knee) [Ed. Note: Ellis Burks may be activated tonight]
New York: 269/354/459 5.7 RC/G
Boston: 284/361/477 5.7 RC/G
New York – 3.26 per 550 PA
Boston – 1.04 per 550 PA

Not only that, but ManilaSoxFAN over at the Cardiac Kids (link at top left) has his own preview, which is less stat heavy than Buddin’s:

Whew! It’s 2:00 am here and it’s hard to absorb all the numbers and opinions being thrown about. I read SoSH, I looked at the different sports sites/pages…and it seems that too many people are making this WAY too confusing.
It’s not.
To me, it’s simple: win 2-1 vs the [Yankees] on the road (tough?) and win 2-1 at home (odds are ‘yes’). If we DO go 4-2, the pressure on the [Yankees] will be enormous…while we have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.
It would all then come to down to 1 game in the loss column. For the Sox — we’re ‘in’ either way and have nothing to be ashamed about. For the [Yankees] — Division or WC, the seeds of doubt will have already been sown.
Since the Sox winning 2-1 at Fenway is ‘easy’ enough, it all comes down to us winning 2-1 in The Toilet. This weekend. We do, and the pressure’s on them. We don’t, and the pressure’s off…and it’s most likely a WC for us.
Sooo…can we win? I believe the answer is we WILL win. The result will be a 2-1 series victory in the Sox’ favor. How can I say that?
Look at it in the most basic ways:
*The [Yankees] have gone 37-23 since the ASB.
*The Sox have gone 40-19.
*The [Yankees] have gone 6-9 (2-4 at home, 4-5 away) vs the .500+ AL teams.
*The Sox have gone 13-6 (7-2, 6-4).
*Since the ASG, we have out-hit them: .853 v .813 OPS
*Since the ASG, we have out-pitched them: 4.19 v 5.05 ERA
We’ve just simply played the better all-around ball for quite some time. Don’t look at standings, don’t look at pythag numbers…we’re the better team and we have been…for quite some time.
I don’t think I’m being blindly optimistic in predicting a 2-1 Sox victory in this series…do you?
OK, maybe you agree with me. So here’s the ballsy prediction…just to keep an edge on things: Youks will have an incredible series.
Regardless, we win this series.

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