Tyron Woodley wants to train Floyd Mayweather in MMA

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Rumors have been swirling about Floyd Mayweather Jr. transitioning to MMA, and it appears that move could actually happen in the future.

Mayweather — who retired from boxing with a 50-0 record — has been hinting on social media about potentially participating in a MMA bout in the future.

Apparently, UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley wants to help make that happen.

Woodley, in his most recent edition of TMZ Sports’ “The Hollywood Beatdown,” revealed that he recently spoke with Mayweather about training for MMA.

“I saw him at the Jordan party during [NBA] All-Star weekend,” he said. “We started chatting about training MMA and we decided let’s connect, let’s hook up in Vegas and do some training and get him ready for MMA.”

Mayweather posted a video showing him in the Octagon awhile back, hinting that he’s been training for MMA, which you can see below.

If Mayweather is indeed serious about a MMA bout, Woodley would be a great candidate to help train him. Social media would be buzzing with updates, if anything.

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