UConn Basketball Coach Dan Hurley March Madness Contract Bonuses for Sweet 16, Elite Eight, Final Four, and National Championship

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As UConn’s head basketball coach Dan Hurley leads his team through a captivating March Madness run, fans can’t help but wonder what’s in store for the charismatic coach. Since taking the reins in 2018, Hurley has been transforming the Connecticut basketball program, and now, the Huskies are on the brink of greatness. Let’s take a closer look at Hurley’s contract and the March Madness bonuses that could send his earnings soaring.

The Road to the Sweet Sixteen

Hurley guided the Huskies through a tough first-round matchup against Iona, avoiding a potential upset. By beating a strong Rick Pitino team, UConn established themselves in the NCAA tournament.

Next, the team conquered St. Mary’s in the second round, securing their spot in the Sweet Sixteen and setting the stage for an exciting and potentially lucrative run for Hurley.

Incentives and Bonuses

Dan Hurley’s contract is filled with incentives that could boost his earnings significantly during March Madness. In addition to a $100,000 performance bonus at the discretion of the Athletic Director and up to $100,000 for a top-10 final ranking, Hurley can cash in on the following performance bonuses (he will earn the greater of the below figures):

  • $25,000 for reaching the First Four
  • $35,000 for reaching the first round
  • $50,000 for reaching the second round
  • $100,000 for reaching the Sweet Sixteen
  • $150,000 for reaching the Elite Eight
  • $200,000 for reaching the Final Four
  • $250,000 for reaching the national championship game
  • $400,000 for winning a national championship

As the Huskies advance through the tournament, Hurley’s earnings could skyrocket. He has already earned himself a cool $100,000 as a result of being in the Sweet Sixteen. Additionally, he earned another $100,000 for winning the Big East tournament.

If UConn clinches the national title, Hurley stands to make up to a massive $600,000 in March Madness bonuses alone. This comes in the form of $400k from winning the national championship, $100k for being ranked in the final top-10, and the likely discretionary $100k bonus.

However, sportsbooks believe he has just a 2.4% chance of earning the entire bonus as their odds of winning a national championship are +4000 with BetOnline.

The Huskies will take on Arkansas in the Sweet Sixteen on Thursday at 7:15 p.m. ET on CBS.

Salary and Contract Overview

Dan Hurley’s base salary sits at an impressive $2.9 million, with his contract extension keeping him at UConn through March 2027. Coupled with his potential NCAA Tournament bonuses, Hurley’s total earnings could reach remarkable heights this season.

As the Huskies continue their journey through March Madness, Coach Dan Hurley is making a name for himself as a skilled and dedicated leader. With the prospect of substantial bonuses on the line, Hurley has every incentive to guide his team to victory.

Regardless of the outcome, one thing is for sure: UConn basketball is back in the spotlight, and Dan Hurley is the driving force behind their success.

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