UFC 118 Salaries: Toney Wins Via Knockout


The ‘Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase always claimed that ‘everybody has a price’.  Well, apparently James Toney’s price to be humiliated in the Octagon is a cool half a million dollars.  Despite predictably putting on a performance that embarrassed the sport and himself, Toney walked away from UFC 118 as the real winner, pocketing $500000 for his troubles.  Which means Toney, along with Chuck Liddell, earned the highest appearance fee for any fighter that stepped into the cage this year.  UFC 118 better have sold one hell of a lot of pay-per-views.

All told, Zuffa paid out $1608000 (the third highest total this year for a card) to the fighters at UFC 118 – here is the breakdown of who got what.  As always, please remember that this is only the reported purses that the fighters earned – it doesn’t include any unreported bonuses, sponsorship money or pay-per-view earnings a fighter may have made.

James Toney: $500000
Randy Couture: $250000
B.J. Penn: $150000
Nate Diaz: $120000
($30000 to show, $30000 win bonus, $60000 Fight of the Night bonus)
Frankie Edgar: $96000 ($48000 to show, $48000 win bonus)
Marcus Davis: $91000 ($31000 to show, $60000 Fight of the Night bonus)
Joe Lauzon: $84000 ($12000 to show, $12000 win bonus, $60000 Submission of the Night bonus)
Demian Maia: $68000 ($34000 to show, $34000 win bonus)
Kenny Florian: $65000
Gray Maynard: $46000
($23000 to show, $23000 win bonus)
Dan Miller: $30000 ($15000 to show, $15000 win bonus)
Mike Pierce: $24000 ($12000 to show, $12000 win bonus)
Nik Lentz: $22000 ($11000 to show, $11000 win bonus)
Greg Soto: $12000 ($6000 to show, $6000 win bonus)
Andre Winner: $10000
Nick Osipczak: $10000
Gabe Ruediger: $8000
John Salter: $8000
Mario Miranda: $8000
Amilcar Alves: $6000

Toney and Couture’s payouts have pushed them up into the top 10 of the 2010 UFC fighter salaries rankings.  Check out the updated 2010 UFC fighter salary info here.

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