UFC 231 Does Solid PPV Sales

max holloway brian ortega

UFC 231 Does Solid PPV Sales


Max Holloway’s star contends to ascend.  The early sales estimates for UFC 231 have been reported by Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, and they’re in the range of 240,000-300,000 pay per views sold.

This would be the fourth-straight Holloway headlined PPV to increase on the sales of the previous one.  UFC 206 sold 150,000, UFC 212 200,000, and UFC 218 230,000.  The UFC’s Featherweight Champion returned from a health scare to outclass Brian Ortega in Toronto earlier this month.

Now let’s get this man a superstar-making appearance on a PPV in Hawaii ASAP.


All-Time UFC PPV buyrates for all events are listed here.



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