UFC on Fox: Hunt vs Nelson Fighter Purses & Attendance


In the battle of the old, fat guys (meant in the most respectful way possible), Mark Hunt outslugged Roy Nelson both in the Octagon and at the bank.

Before we go any further, we should note that most international events don’t release fighter pay info, so none of the following salary data for the event is official.  However, you can get a fairly accurate picture of a fighter’s pay based on official purse info released from past fights (and from future fights – we go back and update these numbers as more info becomes available).  So, based on that info, here is the estimated pay breakdown for the 24 fighters that traded blows at the event (but please remember – this is only an estimate, not official info, especially for any fighters that made their UFC debuts at the event).


Attendance: 12,395


Mark Hunt: $210,000 ($160,000 to show, $50,000 Performance of the Night bonus)

Takanori Gomi: $80,000

Roy Nelson: $75,000

Kyung Ho Kang: $70,000 ($10,000 to show, $10,000 win bonus, $50,000 Fight of the Night bonus)

Yoshihiro Akiyami: $70,000 ($45,000 to show, $25,000 win bonus)

Johnny Case: $66,000 ($8,000 to show, $8,000 win bonus, $50,000 Performance of the Night bonus)

Miesha Tate: $66,000 ($33,000 to show, $33,000 win bonus)

Maximo Blanco: $40,000 ($20,000 to show, $20,000 win bonus)

Myles Jury: $28,000 ($14,000 to show, $14,000 win bonus)

Kiichi Kunimoto: $24,000 ($12,000 to show, $12,000 win bonus)

Kyoji Horiguchi: $24,000 ($12,000 to show, $12,000 win bonus)

Hyun Gyu Lim: $24,000 ($12,000 to show, $12,000 win bonus)

Masanori Kanehara: $24,000 ($12,000 to show, $12,000 win bonus)

Amir Sadollah: $24,000

Katsunori Kikuno: $20,000 ($10,000 to show, $10,000 win bonus)

Alex Caceres: $19,000

Sam Sicilia: $12,000

Daniel Hooker: $10,000

Michinori Tanaka: $10,000 (*lost Fight of the Night bonus due to failed drug test)

Rin Nakai: $8,000

Richard Walsh: $8,000

Jon delos Reyes: $8,000

Takenori Sato: $8,000

Kazuki Tokudome: $8,000


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