UMass Lowell Shutouts Cornell In Northeast Regional


It was a UMass Lowell kind off day as the River Hawks beat Cornell University in the first round of the NCAA Northeast Region tournament. Cornell could never really find their groove as UML was all over them from start to finish.

This was only the second time UMass Lowell and Cornell have played in ice hockey as they also faced off about 9 years ago down in Florida. But this time it would be in Freezing cold Manchester, New Hemisphere.

Cornell came out hot at the start but after their first-period goal was waived off for a high stick it all went down from theirs. Shortly after that Ryan Dmowski found the back of the net for UML and all the momentum shifted Lowell’s way.

We would go to the second period after that where Conell came out strong again for the first 5 or so minutes have 2 solid scoring chances. But yet again UML would stop that momentum when soon to be Tampa Bay Lighting player Ryan Lohin scored his first of two goals.

We also got to see a very strange NCAA ruling as UML also had a goal waived off because of a too many men penalty. But the penalty was never called and the referees reviewed the play and took the goal away. But the weird part is they do not call the penalty they only waived the goal off. Not that the goal mattered but it was an interesting ruling.

The third period was just like all the others a good start by Cornell with scoring chances and hard hitting but it all went away with Ryan Lohin’s second goal of the day. Conner Wilson also got the fifth and final goal for UML with just a couple of minutes remaining.

Freshmen goalie for UML Tyler Wall was indeed a wall in the net this afternoon as he had a huge confidence boost for the team. For Cornell, this would be the first time this season they were shutout. “we were not trying to limit chances we were trying to win” Conrell Head Coach Mike Schaffer said.  He would also go on to say “They did to us like they did to other teams”.

UMass Lowell will now take on the winner of Notre Dame and Minnesota.

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