Updated: UND Isn’t Going to the Big Ten, Not Yet


Over on Gopher Illustrated, there’s poster claiming that UND is going to be offered a spot in the Big Ten Hockey Conference. First, I am going to say I am very skeptical, trust but verify.  It would also be interesting to see who his source is. 

Here’s why, if UND left the NCHC, they’d probably be vilified as blowing up the NCHC. Could you imagine the Target Center minus UND fans, the crowds would probably be very small? This move could cause shockwaves in the college hockey world. Besides, UND is one of the co-founding members of the NCHC, there’s no reason for them to leave the NCHC. They have a say in the NCHC, they wouldn’t in the Big Ten. 

Right now, UND has a great deal with their current conference setup. So, moving to the Big Ten makes no sense at all outside of playing Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. My question to UND fans, do you want to exchange almost a yearly four-games series with SCSU, UMD, and Denver for Ohio State, Michigan State or Penn State? 

Plus, there’s an expensive buyout somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.5-2-million to leave the NCHC.  

Again, I am a very cynical person. As I mentioned above, UND has a budget problem and might need to cut a sport or two. How can they turn around and then pay a hefty exit fee? 

The NCHC is in favor of adding ASU “if” they figured out their arena issue. As soon as ASU has a solid arena plan in place and begin work towards building a new arena, the NCHC will again quickly revisit expansion. 

Originally, I included the whole post from a message board because it was a pay site and not everyone wants to pay the $8.99 to read it. 

Finally, after snubbing UND and going their own way, we’re to believe that UND is going to save the B1G Hockey Conference attendance numbers. I say, not.

Re: New 96 hour Countdown – Big Ten Hockey in pursuit…


All information comes from the Source.

Eventually this information will be backed-up (before the end of year = 2017) by other Local & National public sources.

You get it first.

For the first time since the creation of the Big Ten Hockey Conference, the Big Ten Athletic Directors (Hockey) with guidance from a Big Ten Associate Director, are targeting North Dakota to become an affliate member of the Big Ten Conference by adding the Fighting Hawks Men’s team to the Big Ten Hockey Conference.

Led by Minnesota and Wisconsin the pursuit to add North Dakota is now in full-swing. Numbers are being crunched. Numbers such as potential ticket buys North Dakota Fan base brings to road Hockey games. Numbers such as North Dakota viewership during past NBCSN televised games vs Notre Dame..etc. Numbers such as streaming numbers under future BTN2GO with North Dakota Hockey. Numbers such as potential North Dakota Hockey being featured on BTN…plus FOX affiliates in the future. Numbers such as what is happening with ticket/merchandise sales for the Minnesota/North Dakota Hockey game in Nevada in 2018. Numbers such as what does an add-on like North Dakota do for the ability for the Big Ten Hockey Conference to increase their Pairwise standings year in and year out.

Jim Delany is expecting and will get the numbers from this pursuit in very short time.


What is next?

Uphill battle with all Big Ten Presidents to get an unanimous vote to include North Dakota into the Big Ten Hockey Conference. But Source believes it will happen.

North Dakota is not a Big Ten like-minded institution.
North Dakota, although they do have some research, is not a big research institution. The AAU non membership for North Dakota is not the issue. AAU is a private organization/membership. Big Ten Presidents will not be limited to potential full-time or affiliated memberships by a private organization. However, AAU membership is often a simple guide to valued list of Big and Small research insitutions. Delany has publically stated Big Ten will look at AAU schools first when it comes to expansion.,,but not only. Notre Dame is not AAU. But make no mistake about this process…North Dakota, even with Michigan on board, has an uphill battle to get a unanimous vote.


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