‘Undisputed’ Co-Host Shannon Sharpe Agrees To Buyout, Leaves FS1 & Skip Bayless To Become Free Agent

‘Undisputed’ Co-Host Shannon Sharpe Agrees To Buyout, Leaves FS1 & Skip Bayless To Become Free Agent

Shannon Sharpe is set to end his partnership with Skip Bayless on F1’s “Undisputed”, ending an era on air at Fox Sports.

Sharpe’s final show will be aired after the 2023 NBA Finals and will officially conclude their seven-year partnership.

The three-time Super Bowl Champion and Pro Football Hall of Famer reached a buyout agreement with Fox Sports, leaving Bayless looking for a new partner.

The “Undisputed” show was beloved by fans and turned into one of FS1’s most popular segments. Now with Sharpe’s buyout, he will be leaving the loud morning sports show and removing his podcast “Club Shay Shay” from under the Fox umbrella.

Many fans aren’t surprised to see the breakup, as tension had been brewing between the partners over the last year.

Shannon Sharpe Leaves F1’s Undisputed, Likes Tweet About Breakup

Sharpe has not made an official statement on why he’s leaving “Undisputed”.

The New York Post’s Ryan Glasspiegel was the first to break the news.

The two have been known to spar on air as part of the show but over the last few months, there have been instances of real animosity between the two co-hosts.

While Sharpe hasn’t made a formal statement, he did like a tweet after the news became public.

The tweet was about the contentious relationship between Sharpe and Bayless that has deteriorated over time and claimed that jealousy was a part of the breakup.

Fans Blame Skip Bayless for Breakup with Sharpe

There have been a lot of instances this year that showed there was friction between Bayless and Sharpe.

After Bayless made a few insensitive tweets about Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest, their relationship never recovered. Sharpe didn’t appear on the show the day after Hamlin’s cardiac arrest and when he returned to the program, the pair could not get through a monologue together without erupting into an argument.

Three weeks before that incident, Sharpe and Bayless were having minor blow ups on air. Bayless took shots at Sharpe’s career while praising Tom Brady. With the tension rising, Sharpe took absolute offense and snapped back at his co-host. Many fans believe this was the turning point in their relationship and are now blaming Bayless for the breakup.

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