This entry may be very hard for me to write. I don’t think I have ever seen a worse hockey game then the one I witnessed last night. And I have been watching hockey for over 10 years. I am not sure I can come up with the words today.

Maybe I should start with the loss to St. Louis on Saturday. The good was Carcillo getting into two fights. The bad was pretty much everything else. Jovo didn’t play as badly as he has this season but he didn’t play great either. I don’t really remember much about this game, too much time has passed. Oh and Bryz looked slow. Honestly the best part of Saturday night was watching “Stepbrothers” after the game. If you haven’t seen that movie yet, I highly recommend it!

And on to last nights game…
They own us this year.
We have one more game to prove we can beat them.
But you can’t put Bryz in. This game was too much a reminder of his first game against Chicago as a Coyote.
Bryz. Slow. Out of position.

The first period the guys did come out strong and battling but after the first two goals went in, they gave up. I can’t say if I blame them or not. I would have given up after seeing the way Bryz was playing. After one goal, poor Z was laying on the ice and he looked so sad. Even Jovo had tried his hardest to stop the puck. Bryz was no where near the crease and he was practically facing the corner. How are you going to stop the puck from there hun?

Carcillo, Hale, Jovo and Turris all fought. It looked like Carcillo may have injured his hand a bit. He had to rinse it off in the box and then had a huge bag of ice for it. Hale wasn’t bad but wasn’t good. At least he had the courage to stand up for his team. Same goes for Turris. He tried but he’s not much of a fighter. And boy oh boy was Wayne made about that one! He even called a time out so he could yell at the ref some more. It was classic.

Ok, so have we learned a lesson yet? Bryz is not a starting goalie. He may have some skill but not enough to carry a team.

Wednesday we play Dallas. That should be a much better game for us. The boys didn’t play 100% last time and lost 3-2. If they play well, there should be no problem in beating Dallas. Avery will still be out.

Then Thursday and Saturday the boys return home to face the Wild and Redwings. I am not expecting much from these games. I just want everyone to show up and play.

I did not expect to make the playoffs. I did not expect to win every night. But I did expect that everyone would show up and play every night. That has not been the case. C’mon guys, show us fans what you can do!

Ok, I am going to go finish my lunch now. Word.

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