Upset Sunday and The Blue Monster

Great TV sports viewing weekend for fans of college basketball and golf. Sunday was Upset Sunday as #1 Illinois fell from the unbeaten ranks, #3 Kentucky lost to Florida, Kansas lost a potential #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament by losing to Missouri and Duke lost a thriller to North Carolina. And CBS had each and every one of the games. Each game went down to the wire and Billy Packer was yelling how college basketball was hot again. I don’t know about that, but if this past Sunday was any indication, we may have a great month of college basketball ahead of us.

Over on NBC, Tiger Woods may have gotten his groove back in his front 9 duel with Phil Mickelson at the Ford Championship at Doral. NBC doesn’t have too many big events other than the U.S. Open in golf, Wimbledon and the French Open in tennis, NASCAR and the Olympics, but yesterday showed that when the opportunity presented itself, the network could cover sports drama with the best of networks.

For the recap of a big Sports Sunday, here’s Michael Hiestand of USA Today.

John Molori writes about Sporting News Radio taking Boston’s WWZN (1510 The Zone) off the market. SNR had been attempting to sell the station for two years, but recently decided to keep the station. There were hopes that The Zone would be a challenger to ratings king WEEI and it hired Sean McDonough and well known talk show host Eddie Andelman to make a splash in 2001. McDonough left after less than a year and Andelman continues to struggle to even make a ratings dent, but SNR has decided to keep 1510 The Zone under its coffers. The Zone currently has the Boston Celtics, but will probably allow its current contract to lapse. Molori has a very good article on the station.

If news warrants, I’ll have an update later today. If not, have a good start to your work week.

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