USC Athletic Dept asks “Let me hold a dollar…”

USC Athletic Dept asks
I found the article in The State paper today about the likelihood of USC football tickets increasing to be interesting. I will be the first to say that we need better facilities on campus especially for our “other sports teams.” But I find it hard to understand how for the last 5+ years we have set record numbers with gamecock club dues and have “sold out” nearly every game since 1998. Where has this money been going??? Not too mention every year since 1997 there has been a tuition increase (which a portion does go to the athletic dept)…..Now do not get me wrong…I will be ‘bending over’ come June and signing up for season football tickets again and have already signed up for another year of half scholarship gamecock club dues (ouch!)…….

My wish is that all this money going into the athletic program will produce three things for 2006-2007……

  • USC basketball to win 25 games in 2007…(’06 seems out of the question)
  • USC football to win 9 games and make a run for the SEC East in ’06-’07
  • USC Baseball team (which is getting a new stadium in ’07) to return to the NCAA tourney in Nebraska for 2006 and 2007

I feel none of this is too much to ask for as a investor and may I mention the staff of this blog does bleed garnet!

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