Utah blowhard unleashes hit piece on Gordon Hayward

Let’s take a quick trip to Salt Lake City where the skin is thin and the takes are scorching, especially those oozing from someone named Gordon Monson: 

But Jazz fans still feel small pieces of rejection from a player who was so appreciated, so expertly tutored and groomed by coaches here, who owed — contrary to what so many said and despite his own strong efforts to improve — the Jazz more than the exit he gave them, ducking out down a back alley to Boston the way he did.

It could have been handled so much better by him, handled in a manner by which he still could have left to play for his college coach and simultaneously eased the departure for his former team by helping it win in the deal, too.

It won’t be on account of Donovan Mitchell transforming himself in his rookie season into a better, more promising, more explosive player than Hayward ever was. His ceiling is higher than Hayward’s. His play more exciting. His athleticism, his talent, his popularity more profound.

And there’s no real revenge greater than simply replacing the dude who skipped town with a superior dude.

Ouch. Someone needs a little more fiber in their diet.

Actually, I can’t fault Monson for still being pissed off. I’m an expert grudge-holder. Just read any of my posts/tweets about Ray Allen.

I don’t quite agree with his take that Hayward slithered out of Utah. Is it Gordie’s fault someone leaked news of his decision to the media before he could complete this epic goodbye letter in the Players Tribune? Hayward thanked just about everyone in that 2,000 word essay.

I believe Monson would have penned that column no matter what Hayward did on the way out of Utah. You see, Monson is one of those professional hot-takers.