UW steals another top lineman from Spokane; Allen for Corey Maggette?

First, UW scores, this time in a huge way. Cameron Elisara, all-everything d-lineman from Ferris and who’s dad played on the 1981 Holiday Bowl Cougs, verballed to UW! Yuck. He grew up loving the Cougs, his parents went there, he’s from Spokane, he had 14 scholarship offers…and he chooses UW?? Willingham is off to a gigantic start, and I hate to admit it, but I’m very impressed. Not so much with Tolar yesterday, but Elisara today? Yeah, that’s BIG.

Now, the bigger thing to me these days, the Sonics. Word #1 is that Nate has already talked to Portland and is now rumored to be in the Big Apple today to meet with Isaiah. Meanwhile, Wally World has set a mid-week next week deadline of sorts to meet with Nate and, effectively, “move on with our lives, one way or another”. I’m glad they are drawing a line in the sand, so to speak, and realize that as much as he’s Mr. Sonic, he can’t hold the franchise hostage. There are other fish to fry, and while Nate would be huge to keep, there are in fact other coaches out there that actually have a clue! We’ll see.

Finally, there was word from ESPN insider’s Chad Ford this AM that has the Clippers putting a full-court press on Allen, offering a 5 year, $89 million deal to Ray-Ray last night. However to make it work, there would have to be some sort of sign-and-trade. A couple of names floated include sending Corey Maggette and Chris Wilcox to the Sonics in return for Ray.

My gut reaction was “no way” but then, if you look at it?? In reality that’s a STEAL for the Sonics! No joke. I found this guy in the “blogosphere” writing about the comparision between Ray and Maggette, straight up, and it was very interesting (and this is from a Sonics fan perspective). Check it out:

Trade Allen for Maggette… are you nuts?
Sorry I didn’t provide a link, I couldn’t really find one. There’s been articles/rumors from “reliable insider sources” claiming the Clippers are targeting Ray Allen. One of the latest rumors I’ve seen floating around is a trade of Ray Allen for Corey Maggette and Chris Wilcox.

I’d just like to start off immediately by saying that is the most ludicrous trade scenario I could possibly imagine. And while both Elgin Baylor & Wally Walker have participated in some questionable player acquisitions this one would have to immediately bumped to the top. It is a completely one sided trade.I would NEVER give up Corey Maggette for Ray Allen.

Yeah, that’s right, I would rather have Maggette than Ray Allen. In a f**king heartbeat.Now before you go turning the page, let me continue to say that right now, as of this moment, Sugar Ray is the better player than Corey. But the difference is more razor thin than I believe most expect:Here are the relavant stats:

Allen – Age 30 (31 for 2005-06 season)
23.9 ppg
4.4 rpg
3.7 apg
1.11 spg

Maggette – Age 25 (will turn 26 in 2005-06 season)
22.2 ppg
6.0 rpg
3.4 apg
1.15 spg

For more in depth numbers jump right in:





Does anybody else look at these numbers and see a huge difference? Yet people whom I usually trust don’t even consider Maggette a top 50 player.Top SG’s of the league: Kobe, T-Mac, Wade, Manu, The Truth, Sugar Ray, Joe Johnson, Redd, Hughes, VC, Rip, Ben Gordon… really? Maggette couldn’t crack this list? A travesty. I’m ashamed of you Mr. Simmons, really. You’ve got season tix to the clips, have seats to watch this guy play and can’t see gem in front of your eyes.

Let’s be devil’s advocate for a sec: What about the playoff dependability of Allen you say? Yeah, I’ll concede that. With Ray, we know he’s capable of performing “in the clutch.” There is a possibility that Corey is just a statstuffer and that when it comes down to taking the final shot or playing well in the playoffs his nuts will shrivel to the size of raisins. We’ll call it the Rashard Syndrome. And considering we’ve already got Rashard pulling that crap, we can’t possibly have these two unknown quantities, without leadership capabilities, leading our team right? Baloney. I’m giving Lewis another chance to redeem himself and giving Corey one as well to prove he’s got the balls. What else? Oh yeah, Ray’s a leader/great chemistry guy. He talks to Damien Wilkins after practice? Eats lunch with A.D.? A natural born leader? Read The Alchemist ?Gawd, please end this crap. Not two years ago, Allen was being labeled the exact opposite at Milwaukee. Pure perception, all of it. I ain’t gonna let this crap get in the way of pulling a MF’ing A trade.

Here’s the stats that I find the most compelling:

Corey Maggette
05- 6.72
06- 7.28
07- 7.84
08- 8.40

Those numbers are what Maggette is locked up for in terms of salary per year. That’s about 30M for 4 years from a guy who has averaged 20pts, 6 boards, & 3 dimes over the best two years in 36mpg. He’s also 25 years old.

Allen was reportedly offered a 5yr-75M dollar contract. That averages out to about 15M a year. He turned it down. I would infer that not only does he want more money, but along with the new CBA, he’ll want the extra year the Sonics can legally give him.

So let me get the options straight: Ray Allen at 6 yrs 90M or Corey Maggette at 4 yrs 30M. Ray Allen at age 30-36 vs. Corey at age 26-29. Really?Point is: What is of more importance to me is not simply comparing Allen to Maggette, but more importantly comparing the product/output you get from the 15M a year given to Allen compared to the 15M paid to Maggette (6-8M) and player(s) X at 9-7M.

A 9M dollar player folks, in addition to Maggette who will, if not match or exceed Allens offensive output, at least come close. Imagine Tyson Chandler and Corey Maggette compared to a tandem of Ray Allen & Nick Collison. I can go through a hundred other scenarios folks. I really can’t understand how people could not see the TUP to this trade. Lewis, Maggette, & player C (& maybe D) leading the Supersonics revival to the glory days…

Please stop with the tease Chad Ford/Marc Stein. I can’t take any more.If this trade rumor has any legs to stand on, I say we get Elgin on the phone and get it done before he wakes up. I would be even willing to throw in a future 1st rounder, or even (gasp!) Swift or Petro to get this deal done. Even more if need be.

Imagine – Rashard, Maggette, Stromile Swift, A.D., Pot., Collison, Rid, Radmanovic, Fortson, Damien Wilkins, Swift. Lawd have mercy!!! With cash to spare.I would have to wet myself if that scenario ever happened.Please Elgin, make my dreams come true. Youuuu can doooo it!

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