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A reader, Kirk from Canada, writes: I feel quite good about the off season. I believe Arod/Manny may go down after next season. Nobody wants either contract and Theo will see if A. Nomar can still play B. Will he resign at a reasonable price. I suspect he may go for a draft pick the trade goes down, Sox have enough cash to sign an off with Nomar – I think if Nomar becomes a free agent, he’s gonna test the waters before resigning with the Red Sox (if, as Kirk points out, he can still play). It’s pretty much a guarantee that other teams will offer more than what the Red Sox are willing to offer. If Nomar becomes a free agent, he’s gone. As for getting draft picks in return…I’m not so sure that the Red Sox would offer arbitration. They’d run the risk of Nomar commanding a one year deal with a figure of about $19 million. Arbitration always boosts their price. That lowers the Red Sox’s leverage with Hicks. Throughout the A-Rod/Manny sweepstakes, the Red Sox were always able to play the card of “You come to us. We have a shortstop. Why should we make this trade? You tell us why we should make this trade. How will it benefit us?” The loss of Nomar upsets any upper hand we may have. The departure of Nomar will open a hole at short. If we trade Manny for A-Rod, it opens a hole in left. There’s quite a few possibilities here. We’ll have to wait and see.
The resigning of Larry Lucchino through 2011 is interesting. Let me first point out that contracts are made to be broken. Secondly, it reaffirms the ownerships’ committment to the Red Sox. There are still some skeptics out there saying that Henry and Co. will leave after three or four years. As from the beginning, my stance is that they’re here for the long haul. Eventually, they will get us a new Fenway. Great points are made on SOSH on how they will “cheat” the taxpayers into thinking a New Fenway will pay off. It’s a credible argument. One that really struck me is the ‘tourism’ argument. They will argue that it will attract tourists. Well…doesn’t Fenway? I both want a new stadium and want to keep the old one. Fenway’s just getting old…it’s going to be some trouble in the future. What I personally would like, (but won’t happen) is that a new stadium is built, and once a year, an “old-timers” game is played with throwback uniforms…and a throwback stadium in Fenway!
I absolutely, positively love Tim Wakefield. Even ESPN realizes the Red Sox would be nowhere without Tim Wakefield. Here’s what they have to say about Tim: Wakefield threw the last pitch of the 2003 Red Sox season, but his value is almost impossible to calculate. Since joining the Red Sox, he’s reached double figures in either wins or saves in seven of his nine seasons. Though almost exclusively a starter now, he retains the flexibility to pitch out of the bullpen.tration is coming up for Kim, Williamson, Ortiz, and Nixon. It’s possible we could still see a surprise and see the cutting of Kim for both financial reasons (they are over the luxury tax, which they and I would like to avoid this season) and … Kim is not exactly a role model. I really like Arroyo – he surprised last year and dominated the Yankees. It would also open up a bullpen spot for someone much more deserving and that could do the job…it could open up a spot for Colter Bean…Lenny DiNardo…Anastacio Martinez…a return of Ramiro Mendoza?
As of press time, the Red Sox are trying to “repair” the fence between the Sox and Nomar. So they’re admitting fences need to be mended? Well, well, well. There is some disaccord here…and I thought Nomar had no problem and would play his butt off? If the Sox need to do this, there’s underlying issues here.
Fix it. 2004’s our year.

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