Video: NBA admitted mistake in Sacramento’s double-overtime loss

There were many questionable calls in last nights heartbreaking 129-128 double-overtime loss to the Charlotte Hornets. But the most obvious one was the travel I harped on after it went viral on Twitter.

Troy Daniels clearly travelled and it wasn’t even close. You have to give him credit for hitting a tough 27-foot 3-pointer but that really hurt the Kings’ chances of winning their sixth straight.

The NBA sent a courteous message to the Kings today: According to the NBA’s official review, the shot shouldn’t have counted.

“Daniels (CHA) moves his pivot foot prior to releasing the jump shot.”

The NBA admitted that they were wrong. But in the grand scheme of things, it will still result in a loss for the Kings. What significance does it really have?

This isn’t the first time the Kings have been on the bad side of calls and I suspect it won’t be the last. Referees make mistakes but that is why instant replay should be utilized more effectively. Until it is, we will continue to see these type of mistakes all around the league.

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