Viva Las Vegas


I attempted to arrange a trip to Vegas for the Awards show but it just wasn’t in the cards. My coworker and I wanted to go but it’s pretty much impossible for us to get off for the same dates. Besides, the tickets for the show were over $300. EEKS! I still would have gone for the sun, pool and drinks though! Cool

The show is set for Wednesday, June 23rd at the Palms. The Coyotes have actually been nominated for a few awards this year! Actually, we have already won one and I believe we can snag the others.

Yah, apparently I think I can be a chipendale… with ATTITUDE!
(Picture: my own)

Don Maloney has already won the first ever GM of the Year. He was up against the likes of George McPhee of the Caps and David Poile of the Preds. The award was voted on by the 30 GMs, NHL execs and broadcast & print media. This has to mean a lot to be not only the first recipient of the first award but to basically have your “co-workers” vote that you were the GM of the year. Seems quite prestigious to me.

Dave Tippett has been nominated for the Jack Adams along with Joe Sacco of the Avs and Barry Trotz of the Preds. The Jack Adams trophy recognizes the coach who has contributed the most to his teams success and is voted on by the NHL Broadcasters Association. Not to minimize what Sacco and Trotz did for their team but Tippett should be a shoe-in for this team. The team was a disaster under Gretzky. There was no direction. There was no rhyme or reason. Tippett steps in and suddenly things make sense. We were a team that was supposed to finish dead last this season. We finished 4th in the league. We made it into the playoffs. We took Detroit to game seven. All of this was much more then anyone expected. We achieved what no one thought we could do.

Ilya Bryzgalov has been nominated for the Vezina with Ryan Miller, Olympian extraordinaire and Sabres goalie, and Martin Brudeur, you know that guy that eats donuts and plays for the Devils. The Vezina Trophy is awarded to the goalie who is judged to be the best in this position. Again, Bryz stood on his head this season for the Coyotes. If the Coyotes couldn’t have counted on Bryz we would not have been able to even stay in some games. Much props to the guy… he has finally earned my respect as a starter. That alone should give him an edge!

And lastly… Shane Doan was nominated for the Mark Messier Leadership award, along with Sidney Crosby and Ryan Miller. Shane wins. ‘Nuff said.

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