Wade Miller (2-2, 4.94) @ Bruce Chen (6-5, 4.06)

Well, the power convieniently went out last night as the Red Sox were winning a game that wasn’t fraught with controversy … it’s been quite a while. It was a nice change of pace, one I think we needed.
So we continue the series against the Orioles today and guess what? The Yankees have finally made it into second place. Congratulations, guys!
Condolences go out to Johnny Pesky, whose wife just passed away.
Bruce Chen has faces us twice, and it was actually back to back starts for him. Chen pitched six innings of three-run ball to win 8-4 on April 25th. This comes after a shellacking of 6.1 IP and 5 runs, losing 8-0. Time will tell which Chen shows up tonight. Even though he has a 4.06 ERA, that’s because he got bombed in his lone his July start, 1.1 IP with 6 ER. He had a 3.62 ERA in April, 3.35 in May, and 3.72 in June, so Chen is enjoying a pretty good year.
The fact that he is a lefty shows that Trot Nixon will probably sit in favor of Kevin Millar, which is a loss of power, so it might be tougher against Chen than Ponson. Gametime is 1:20 PM, we shall see…

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