Wade Miller to the DL

Wade Miller has apparently been placed on the 15-day DL with a sore shoulder. Probably the right move at this moment. Either Jeremi Gonzalez, Jon Papelbon, or Abe Alvarez expected to take Wade’s spot. Curt Schilling is a dark horse. Stay tuned…
In addition, if you had not heard, Matt Perisho (a lefty) was picked up and sent to AAA Pawtucket, where he has done well. Mike Remlinger was acquired from the Cubs for a no-name minor league prospect. Remlinger is a lefty, but gets righties out at a great clip, but not lefties. I’m happy with this low-risk move. He should move into Wade’s spot, and Manny should get the boot if it’s decided to bring Papelbon or Alvarez back up.
In addition, Ricky Bottalico, who would give his left arm (a quote by him) to pitch for the Red Sox, has signed a minor league contract with the Red Sox.
I had my wisdom teeth out this morning, and I underestimated how bad it might be, so I will be taking a day off tomorrow, and John Vittas will fill in.

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