Warcraft Wednesday: Interviews, Football, and French Toast

Not necessarily in that order. Image also courtesy of them, but you’ll find that out soon enough.

The blog/podcast “Football and French Toast” recently completed a podcast interview with everyone’s favorite Minnesota Vikings punter, Chris Kluwe, which covered a variety of noted topics, including:

  • “…Higgs Boson particle, not answering the phone, shoe tying, ads for prescription drugs, the day in the life of an NFL punter, Magic The Gathering, the situation with the #5 jersey, Tim Tebow, our Weekly Predictions, and the Chris Kluwe Tweet of the Week!”

I know what you’re thinking. “Chris Kluwe Tweet of the Week? Is that like PJD’s Tweet’s O’ the Game, or Warcraft Wednesdays? Chicken or egg or load on the beak?” And you’d probably be correct in being confused. I was myself, and frankly still am, but only because doing further research would take away from my already delicate time of boob-investigating on the internet, and that time is extremely valuable. The gentlemen at FB&FT (that’s how I’m abbreviating it. This is not official lexicon, FYI) are obviously equally enamored with Chris Kluwe and the Minnesota Vikings, though, and end up covering some good ground here.

Make sure to head over to their website to listen to Kluwe’s guest appearance on their podcast.

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