Warning! Long post. I will give you a cookie if you get through it all!

Sometimes I wonder if our rookies would have done better on another team. I mean Kane and Toews weren’t much bigger than Turris when they went to Chi-town and they excelled. Turris struggled, did well, struggled and eventually was sent down to the AHL. What is the difference? Turris has just as much talent as those two but he couldn’t get it together here. If he had went to Chicago, would he have done well or the same?

This has been on my mind lately as I heard the Rangers fired their head coach this week (I think this makes four so far this season?) and the Suns fired their coach after half a season (immediately after that firing the team went on to have three 140+ point games). Sometimes all a team needs is some shake up in the coaching staff to get in shape because despite what people think, coaches really do affect how the guys (even professionals) play on the ice/field/court/whatever. Why do you think professionals have coaches? Everyone needs pointers, motivation, organization, training etc.. If the coach didn’t play a role in how the guys played, they wouldn’t spend the money on them.

People say Gretzky works well with the rookies, but is he getting the results we need? I would say no. I have seen the rookies struggle and I knew they would struggle a bit but then I look around the league and see other rookies absolutely excelling and it makes me wonder…is Gretzky really the best guy for this team? Look at rookies such as Mason and Clutterbuck. They are doing amazing. There is talks about them winning trophies. There was some talk about Bods at the start of the season, but not anymore. Why? Because his production has dropped off. Why? I can’t say for sure but I have a feeling it’s the coaching.

I say we try a coach-swap. Send Gretzky and his band of misfits, oh I mean All-Stars/HOFers, to SA and bring up their coaching staff. I know SA started off rough but they have really turned that team around (now that at least one of their goalies isn’t playing like crap). They also did really well with the guys last season, leading them into the playoffs. They lost in the first round but at least they made the playoffs.

How come when players come here they get worse (with the exception of Hale but I can’t really say he got better, he just finally got some goals. They would have come eventually no matter where he was) and when they leave, they become amazing for their new teams? I would say this is a direct result of the coaching staffs. I know in some cases it could be the fact that the player just doesn’t get along with someone in the organization, but for it to happen consistently it has to be part of our organization, most likely the coaches.

My other gripe is still the assistant coach. What is he doing for the team? The practices I go to, he just drops the puck for the face offs. I remember one time, Doan was showing Turris how to use his leverage and the Coach was just standing there. I said it when we hired him, it could go either way. And now I see it’s going the wrong way. When Toc was here, he really got in there and forced the guys to do the drill and do it right. He would stop a drill and show them proper positioning (especially in front of the net). Our current coaches don’t do that. They let the drill run and then just talk to the guys. It’s always easier to learn something when someone shows (and places) you in the proper position.

I am not saying fire Gretzky because I know that will not happen. But what about the new assistant coach? He’s not helping that much. What about Ulf? He is the defense coach and well our defense hasn’t always been the best. What about Fuhr? Has he really helped Bryz become the number one goalie we hoped he would be? There are a lot of things that could be done that does not involve firing Gretzky. I do think that the coaching staff needs to not be friends of fill-in-the-blank. That hasn’t worked for the Coyotes in the past, why would you think it works now?

I used to teach dance and the best way to get a person to do it properly was to literally walk over and move their body into the correct position. Also, you needed to repeat the steps over and over again until you get it absolutely perfect. People learn best with hands on and repetition, none of which I am seeing with our coaching staff consistently.
In other news, Dane Crawley was called up to the Aeros (thanks for the scoop ms. Conduct!). The RoadRunners will miss him. He was a great asset to the blue line. He could score, defend the blue line and he wasn’t afraid to be physical. You got to love that in a dman!
And finally the Coyotes lost 2-1 to the Blues. Yah, don’t really want to talk about that. The coyotes decided not to show up for the second and third period.

It appeared that the only person to really show up tonight was Carcillo. He even got them a 4 minute PP and what happens? A turnover that leads to the Blues winning goal a few seconds into the PP.

We need a special teams coach. Can someone bring us one? Tooth fairy? Easter bunny? SOMEONE? ANYONE!?!?!

I missed the first period (as I went to the gym) but I guess Doan scored his 250th career goal. Congrats to him. It was our only goal of the game.

Wow, I really don’t have much to say about this game. I think I have already blocked this out of my mind. It didn’t happen. There was a hockey game tonight? Huh.. Must have missed that.
Up next is Thursday night at Nashville. Then Saturday night the Blues come to Phoenix. I will miss these two games, unless someone knows of a sports bar in DC that will be playing them!!!
And finally Sunday… I get to see my Ballard!!!!! And Ovie. I am so stoked. I am going to probably get my bum kicked as I will cheer like a mad woman for my Ballard, especially if he unleashes one of his hipchecks!

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