Chase Daniel’s comically bad pass deflects off own player, leads to INT (Video)

NFL: Pro Hall of Fame Game-Chicago Bears at Baltimore Ravens

Bears quarterback Chase Daniel has played for four different teams over the past four seasons, and after watching Thursday’s Hall of Fame Game, we now know why.

Daniel was awful in the game, which is hard to do in an exhibition matchup, going up against second-string defenders that don’t put forth 100 percent effort. Furthermore, it’s not like defensive coordinators reveal much of their playbook, either.

Still, Daniel failed to capitalize, as he completed only eight of 16 passes for 53 yards, with one touchdown, and two interceptions.

One of the picks was downright hilarious, and you need to watch how it happened, in case you haven’t seen it already. Daniel dropped back to throw, and he uncorked an errant pass that doinked off one of his offensive lineman’s helmets. It was then picked off by Chuck Clark.

Daniel’s expression said it all.

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