WATCH: Mike Bibby gets tossed out of his son’s high school basketball game

Sacramento Kings fans can vividly remember Mike Bibby‘s passion for the game.  These days, the former Kings point guard is channeling that same energy into his kids’ flourishing basketball careers.

From ABC 15 in Phoenix, AZ:

When the Phoenix Shadow Mountain boys basketball team won Friday night, it snapped a 24-game winning streak by Sierra Linda.

But that’s not the only thing that snapped.

Mike Bibby got ejected and then escorted. Ejected from the game by the refs and escorted out of the gymnasium by Scottsdale police.

Of course, nearly twenty years ago, Bibby led Shadow Mountain to its first state basketball championship (followed by a national title at UA and then a 14 year NBA career).

This season, Bibby has been attending games to watch his son – point guard Michael Bibby.

Bibby has become a regular at Shadow Mountain High School basketball games.  Sometimes, fans might see him seated in the stands with his brother-in-law, former King Eddie House.  Still waiting for a call to get back in the NBA, the former Kings guard has spent time offering guidance to his son’s career.  Paternal attention is something that Bibby didn’t get much growing up from his dad, Henry Bibby, now an assistant with the Memphis Grizzlies.

In this instance, maybe the fatherly attention was a little too much?

Watch the video followed by highlights of Bibby Jr. below.

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