WATCH: Novak Djokovic Trainer Caught Spiking Drink At Paris Masters

WATCH- Novak Djokovic Trainer Caught Spiking Drink At Paris Masters
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Novak Djokovic broke the internet after a controversial video was released during his match at the Paris Masters.

In the video, Djokovic’s physiotherapist, Ulises Badio, was recorded putting together a mixture on the sidelines while others attempted to conceal his actions.

With the help of some friends and fans, Badio was able to hide what he added into the mysterious drink, sending the internet into a frenzy.

When allegations were made, Djokovic welcomed the speculation and promised fans they’d get answers soon.

Djokovic’s Coach Slips Something into His Drink at Paris Masters

A recent video has been leaked attempting to shade Djokovic’s physiotherapist at the Paris Masters.

In a video released on Twitter, Ulise Badio was spotted slipping something into Djokovic’s water bottle.

While there are no confirmations on what was slipped into his drink, many fans have taken to Twitter to comment on the stunt.

During a water break, Badio begins to prepare a concoction for the tennis star. After being spotted by fans, a person near Badio begins to instruct others to help to shield what Badio is doing from the cameraman.

After he finished brewing up the drink, a ball girl took the water and ran it over to Djokovic.

The secrecy behind the drink has led fans to question whether or not Djokovic was doping during the match.

Check out the video below.

Djokovic Claims He’s Been Drinking a Magic Potion During Wimbledon

Djokovic is one of the few athletes that is able to spark conversation about his habits, diet, and vaccination status.

In the summer, Djokovic claimed his success at Wimbledon was due to a magic potion.

Instead of being defensive about the drink, Djokovic seems to have relished the attention, leading many to believe that this could be a publicity stunt.

The 21-time grand slam champion refused to answer the exact concoction but promised answers will be given soon in his upcoming documentary.

Djokovic Has Never Been Suspended

Despite fans jumping to conclusions, Djokovic has never tested positive for any illicit substance in his entire 19-year-long career.

In the ATP, there is no set number of times that a player can be tested. In fact, a player is subjected to a test by three different organizations: the international federation of tennis, the anti-doping agency from the player’s country, and the world anti-doping agency.

Last year, Djokovic was subjected to 24 drug tests.

With so much controversy around Djokovic’s water bottle, it seems unlikely that the 2022 Wimbledon champion took an illicit substance.

There’s speculation that Djokovic is dropping a few products, which might include supplements or a sports drink.

If successful, the video stunt could draw added attention to Djokovic’s documentary and product line.

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