We need to restore the balance in the NBA

The NBA Finals will showcase the Golden State Warriors versus the Cleveland Cavaliers for the fourth-consecutive year. We thought the Boston Celtics would alleviate NBA fans from this terrible series, but LeBron James’ heroics in game 7 were too much for such a young inexperienced Celtics team.

Now we get to watch the Warriors destroy the Cavaliers in four or five games max. The Cavaliers do not have a good team that can compete against this powerhouse in Golden State. Las Vegas has a +650 for the Cavaliers winning the series, which means they won’t win the series.

James will need to average at least 45 points a game to keep his team competitive and it’s not realistic to me. The Celtics could’ve given the Warriors a much better series but they choked in game 7. That happens to young teams.

Watching James for eight consecutive years in the NBA Finals is enough. After he leaves Cleveland in the summer, we won’t ever see that team again, unless they get another LeBron James in the draft. Which now that you think about it, Zion Williamson may be the closest thing to LeBron in terms of hype from a high school athlete, and the Cavaliers will be terrible once James leaves.

They will have a high draft pick in 2019, and maybe they get lucky again. They have drafted No. 1 overall three times the past 10 years. They may be the next Philadelphia 76ers. They may just trust the process and tank for a few years.

But who wants to be the 76ers after hearing that their president Bryan Colangelo is allegedly accused of having a collection of Twitter accounts that has criticized Joel Embiid and Markelle Fultz, disclosed sensitive information, and outlined team strategy shares eye-opening similarities.

That is something I would try and stay away from. News like that gets you fired and put the organization in flames nationwide.

Therefore, after we finish watching these terrible NBA Finals, maybe Kevin Durant decides to take his talents somewhere else and normalizes the NBA for the first time in a long time. It’s not fun knowing that the Golden State Warriors will win the NBA championship for the next five years baring injury.

We need an NBA with an element of surprise and excitement. Which city and fan base will rejoice with their team next? That’s the NBA we all miss and enjoy. In the meantime, you can entertain yourself by visiting proven betting sites like BetStar.