We want Theo back…….

Well the Sox lost out on another free agent again, as Kevin Millwood signed a deal with the Texas Rangers. Once again the Red flops have undervalued another player. The Sox felt that he was only worth a 3 yr $30 million dollar contract, while the Rangers gave him a 4 yr $48 million dollar contract with a vesting option for the fifth year.

While the season hasn’t even started yet and we don’t know how the guys the Sox have lost will perform, we do know one thing. The Red Sox two headed monster are idiots. By giving Millwood the money he wanted, they then could have spun Matt Clement off to another team for a center fielder. But no, Kevin Millwood wasn’t worth it. The Sox are worried about having $66 million dollars committed to six players. Odds are that figures goes down when Manny gets traded. Who the heck cares about the money? Get us a damn team thats gonna compete with the rest of the AL East. Otherwises, its not going to matter.

Theo o Theo please come back to us in Red Sox Nation. We truly need your expertise back.

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