We Win.

That says it all. We win! Keith Foulke gets his sixth save in a quiet ninth inning and Wakefield improves to 3-1, going 7 innings, 10 H 3 ER 1 BB 5 K. He outpitched Nate Robertson, who actually pitched better but got in a spot of trouble that Kyle Farnsworth couldn’t save. Robertson had 6.2 IP, 9 H 2 ER (1 unearned run tacked on) 3 BB 3 K and Farnsworth was wild, 1.1 IP 2 BB 1 ER … he looks as if he’s hurt.
Youkilis went 2-3, and is batting .467. He won the game, depositing a single from Farnsworth into left field to plate the go-ahead run.
Cla Meredith, according to Wallball Single (and I just saw it on SoxProspects.com) was promoted to Triple-A Pawtucket. Looks like the Sox want to take it easy with Cla and see how he does against stiffer competition.
Either way, Blaine Neal is history once Wade Miller returns from the DL – he will start Sunday against Seattle. I think Halama will move back to the bullpen because despite having a better start than Gonzalez, the Red Sox want to use him as a reliever. In addition, Gonzalez is more of a starter than Halama is – Halama can adjust to reliever quicker. Of course, Neal could get lucky and Lenny DiNardo could be shafted to AAA again, because if we added Halama to the ‘pen, we’d have three lefties with DiNardo. Not a bad thing, but the Sox might not want to do it. Once Schilling and Wells come back, Neal will definitely be gone. Youkilis might play himself into a bench spot again, meaning that Mike Myers will be on the brink of being waived once Schill or Wells, whoever is second to return, does return.
In addition, Wade Miller would be taking Halama’s spot on Sunday, leaving Gonzalez on track to start Saturday. So the question here is to keep Neal or DiNardo. (I personally am a fan of DiNardo staying.)
Going to be some shuffling over the course of May.
Speaking of shuffling, the author of Fire Brand will change until Wednesday effective now. I’m going on a road trip to Rochester, NY later today with a friend of mine, so I’ll be Sox-less until Sunday, when I drive back. I’ll attend the game Monday night (which isn’t Miller, darn it – looks as if it will be Tim Wakefield … AGAIN) and have the report for you Wednesday. So from now until Tuesday, Fire Brand is the domain of frequent Fire Brand guest columnist and Raystalk writer Sam Killay.
Take it away, Sam!

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