We won? We won?! OMG WE WON!!!!!!!!!

It’s a good thing the boys finally pulled out a win today. And all the haters can’t blame Danny for that one. He got the winning goal in the shootout! And you should have seen the smile that lit up his face. He looked like a lil kid scoring his first goal. It was just too adorable.
Now, I have to be serious here for a bit, so bear with me. What is with all the fan on fan hate? I am not talking about fans of other teams, I am talking about Coyotes fans hating on Coyotes fan for no reason. It’s evident on message boards and comments on AZC, it’s evident at the games. It’s getting ridiculous.

Yesterday a poster on AZC called a group of fans “idiots” because they dance and have a good time at a game. If you want quiet, go to a freaking golf game. I am going to stand up, scream, dance, clap whatever the hell I need to, to cheer on my team. So tonight I looked around and noticed that every section had people dancing in it. Are they all idiots for having a good time? Why do I need to be quiet and serious at a hockey game? That’s how I am at work. When I am done with work I want to do things that are fun, relaxing and relieve stress. Going to a hockey game does all that for me. If you don’t like it, go find another sport to watch. Maybe golf or chess would be more your style?

And tonight at the game, it went to a shoot out. Well, we decided to stand (like we always do) and the people behind us were yelling at us to sit down. You know what I did? I stayed standing and I told them to stand up. Everyone behind them was standing, everyone in the arena was standing. What makes you so special that you think people should sit down because you are too fucking lazy to stand up? Get off your fat lazy ass and support your team!

And with that I am out.

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