Wednesday Grab Bag

Wednesday Grab Bag

According to Ian Mendes, Milan Michalek’s condition has been upgraded and he is now likely to return tomorrow night against the St. Louis Blues. As tempting as it would be to throw him on a line with some skilled guys, the truth is, the team’s lines are all rolling right now. Whether it’s the Ruutu-Kelly-Neil line, the Shannon-Regin-Kovalev line or the Foligno-Fisher-Alfie line, there’s no question that these trios have developed chemistry and confidence thereby allowing the Senators to remain competitive in spite of the team’s numerous injuries.

With Michalek drawing in, I would assume that Shean Donovan will draw out of the lineup. Here’s hoping that Clouston rewards Zach Smith’s strong play with a more skilled linemate in Michalek. (Ed. note: even when Spezza comes back next week, I would love to see him get slotted in with Michalek and either of Cheechoo or Smith.)

A Euge Update?

Thanks to James Gordon, the Sens Army have been blessed by some unintentionally funny Eugene Melnyk quotes like,

“If you really look at it, take any roster in the NHL and wipe out their top line, wipe out one of their best faceoff people, one of their best defencemen and, just for fun, take out their two goalies. Please, what do you expect?”

Hilarious stuff. There’s more good news though, apparently The Euge is finally contemplating the purchase of a HD scoreboard. Kudos to The Euge for being receptive to the idea. The last time someone suggested a change was needed, he told fans to blow themselves up.

Milestone For Garrioch

According to Yahoo! Sports’ Puck Daddy, Bruce Garrioch accounts for 94% of all trade rumours emanating from the Great White North. Congratulations Boo Boo on this significant achievement. I can only imagine that Al Strachan is shedding a tear somewhere right now.

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