Wednesday Links – Buffalo Bills Hire Chan Gailey, Lane Kiffin’s Car Accident, Verlander & Lincecum Low-Balled, & Bare-Assed Bobsledding

It’s been a busy week so far outside of the sports world, but not a lot is happening in our corner. We’re starting to get into the grinding winter days with the NFL season winding down and MLB spring training yet to start. However, we’re creative guys here at D4L and we’ve got plenty of interesting stuff to share with you and your new friend Sara. [via Guyism]

Sara Hilario

  • The Buffalo Bills took a while to name their new head coach, but they’ve finally decided on… Chan Gailey? I don’t claim to be as smart as the guys running professional sports franchises (except for this guy), but seriously? Even Kissing Suzy Kolber is willing to reach out to Bills fans after this news, and that’s saying something. My wager if I was into  online sports betting? He’s gone in two years, only because Ralph Wilson won’t realize who he hired until December 2011.
  • Speaking of crazy Jets fans, one guy actually named his son so his initials would read J.E.T.S. Make sure to watch the entire video, this guy is insane. The kid takes after his mom though; you can practically hear him thinking “What the fuck, dad?!” throughout the video.
  • I’m not sure why this news is just coming out, but the Tennessee athletic department has released information on a car crash that Lane Kiffin was apparently involved in during his time in Knoxville. From the report, it looks like Kiffin was driving late at night and fell asleep at the wheel. As similar as it sounds to another recent news story, I’m pretty sure this will turn out to be nothing, but I’m march madness betting Lane Kiffin is being sneaky sneaky. [via Deadspin]  UPDATE: New link here.
  • Kurt at Bless You Boys has more updates on the status of the Tigers’ arbitration-eligible players. It looks like everyone but Justin Verlander has been re-signed before their respective hearings. JV is asking for $9 million (pretty respectable for an ace if you ask me) while the Tigers have countered with a deal for just under $7 mil. I agree with most of the commenters at BYB: pay the man whatever he wants. The Tigers have no chance at the postseason next year without Verlander mowing guys like Evan Longoria down every fifth day.
  • No one (except maybe his wife) is making more bank off of Tiger Woods’ crash to Earth than Jaimee Grubbs. She’s quickly become a D4L favorite, and rightfully so. Busted Coverage has pics from her newest photo shoot in their new feature: “Chicks.” Simple, yet effective.
  • So I was thinking about what it would be like to go 100 miles per hour down a sheet of pure ice when I remembered that I live in Ann Arbor. But riding down said ice sheet bare-assed? That takes balls. Unfortunately this bobsledder (hopefully) doesn’t have any (or underwear, for that matter). Tirico Suave is all over this gaffe, with .gif included. Just remember to kiss your lucky egg.

Rob’s Highlight of the Day

I completely forgot about these when I watched them yesterday, but check out Pavel Datsyuk and Todd Bertuzzi in Sunday’s shootout against the Chicago Blackhawks. Datsyuk’s goal was especially ballsy, as he completely strips Antti Niemi of his manhood before Bertuzzi gives him a face full of snow. Total facial LaFleur, total facial!

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