Wednesday Links – NFL Changes OT Rules, Roethlisberger’s DNA Not Needed (Thankfully), & Charlie Davies Back at Practice

Sometimes you just know when you have a keeper. My girlfriend joined this Facebook group yesterday after the Sidney Crosby shenanigans last night. Needless to say, I’m a pretty happy guy at the moment. Read up, or we’ll come looking for you.

  • Yesterday, the NFL owners voted to modify the structure of overtime for the playoffs. The main idea of the change is that both teams will have a chance to score before the game ends, a la this year’s NFC championship game when the Minnesota Vikings never touched the ball before the Saints were headed to the Super Bowl. Ironically, the Vikings were one of the four teams to vote against the rule change.
  • Deadspin has word of a teenager from Chicago that has predicted a perfect bracket through the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament. Not sure why everyone feels the need to attach the “autistic” adjective; if anything, it makes the rest of us look bad. Just like Rain Man.
  • I have to admit, I’m completely blown away that U.S. soccer star Charlie Davies is back to training after his horrific car crash just months ago. Davies needed facial reconstructive surgery, yet looks as healthy as ever. It’s nothing short of miraculous that he’s back in action this fast, and I’m definitely not going to bet against him playing in this summer’s World Cup.
  • It’s unfortunate, but some people within an NFL organization are overlooked time and again. You hear all the time about the star player who takes his offensive line out to eat on occasion, but never some of the people who do the real dirty work behind the scenes to make a team go. Guyism gives credit where its due today, saluting the Tampa Bay Buccaneer cheerleaders for all their hard work, both on and off the field.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • If you’d like to successfully kill an hour out of your day at a slot machine without actually gambling money away, check out the Tiger Woods Mistress Slots at Favre Dollar Footlongs. They’re giving away free swag too, so click on over.
  • Make sure to check out this screenshot of Jimmy Howard’s Wikipedia page, complete with the since-removed comment at the end of the “Playing Career” section. [via On the Wings]
Jimmy Howard Wikipedia
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Rob’s Highlight of the Day

You’ve probably already seen this about 200 times on Sportscenter, but this dunk from Amare Stoudemire is definitely worth another look.

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