Wednesday Night Links

A couple of more things since I last updated here.

First, I finally heard Alicia Silverstone today! Remember I was asking if you remembered Alicia? She was on Sirius Satellite Radio talking with Alexis Stewart (yes, Martha’s daughter) and Jennifer Hutt on Whatever, a show that’s on the Martha Stewart channel. Before you go killing me listening to Martha Stewart Living Radio, Alexis and Jennifer talk about a lot of things, like Jennifer schtupping her boyfriend, Guy; and Jennifer thinking about schtupping her husband for their 10th Anniversary. So it’s not about cooking, sewing, lifestyles and the like. If you have Sirius, Alexis and Jennifer are on Sirius channel 112 from 5 – 7 p.m. Eastern Time. It’s quite the show and I’ve called in a few times although not in the last six months. Very funny show.

This story came in late this afternoon, but Mark Cuban wants to be part of a new league that will rival the NFL. Just like the USFL before it in the 1980’s, the objective is to bid for the lower round talent, but I’m sure just like the USFL before it in the 1980’s, the owners of this new league will want to make a splash and will enter into a bidding war for higher priced talent. This was tried with the USFL and when Donald Trump became owner of the New Jersey Generals, he thought it would be a good idea to try to sue the NFL to force a merger. Didn’t happen and it was one of the bigger losses Trump suffered in his career. The fact that this league will try to compete in the fall with the NFL is one red flag I see right off the bat. Sports fans are so ingrained with the NFL, this will not work. Yes, the AFL became an alternative to the NFL in the 1960’s, but they were in cities the NFL had not touched (Boston, KC, San Diego, Buffalo, Miami). Cuban comments about what will be called the UFL in his blog.

Defending BCS Champ Florida will have its annual faceoff against Tennessee on CBS Sports on September 15. CBS Sports has not announced its full slate of SEC games as of yet, but has announced its windows this season.

CBC’s Don Cherry will finally make his debut on NBC’s Stanley Cup Final coverage this Monday.

The Rocky Mount Telegram appeals to its cable company to pick up five channels including the NFL Network and ESPNU.

The Sports Media Watch blog reports that ratings for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals on Versus fell almost 30% from last year. That’s not good. How are you going to spin this, Gary Bettman?

May was a bad month for the cable channels including TNT and ESPN. Ratings for the NBA hurt both channels and don’t forget, that all of the over-the-air networks were also running their season ending finales.

That should be it for tonight.

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