Wednesday Was A Good Day In St. Louis


Who’s in for another 15 days like Wednesday?

Late in the afternoon, the Cardinals clinched their first road win in Washington DC, beating defending Cy Young award winner Max Scherzer, mostly through the bat of Steve Piscotty and the arm of Mike Leake:

Sure, it was the third straight series loss for the Cardinals to start the season… but winning streaks got to start with a win, amirite?

Then it was the Blues turn to keep St. Louis turnt, opening the NHL playoffs in Minnesota against the Wild.

And through 59 minutes and 38 seconds, they did.


No worries, though. Curtis Joseph… err… Jake Allen put The Note on his back for a bonus 17+ minutes until Joel Edmundson turned the lights out at Xcel Energy Center.

Not sure what exactly gets Joel hype… but to each their own. Blues win! OH BABY!

RIP Charlie.

What a Wednesday for St. Louis. Only way it could possibly get better? Maybe sue the Rams or something?

What was that?

Ice Cube, please. Feels right.

Photo: Vevo

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