Week 4 Mailbag


Hello, Colts fans. We meet again. Last Sunday the team played a game on the road, in bad weather. That’s about all I have to say at the moment. This coming Sunday, the team opens up divisional play as the Houston Texans visit Indy.

Let’s see what’s on your minds…

Q: How can we improve on last week? – Amy Louise

This is a good question with multiple answers.

If I’m the team:

1) Put it in the rear view mirror. There’s a divisional game up next. Last week was as frustrated as I’ve ever been following a Colts loss. I can only imagine how the players felt, but you’ve got to have a short memory in pro sports.

2) Execute better, coaches included. The Colts are going to – indeed, probably already have, after film review – kick themselves for not winning this one. The play calling can get better. Receivers can get better. Red zone play on offense must get better. The defense basically had the game won, then couldn’t get out of their own way, which leads me to…

3) Avoid bad luck. The defense played so well except for one drive, where they were penalized into oblivion. Most of the calls were legit, save for the one against Jabaal Sheard. I’ve literally never seen that called before. Nelson Agholor stepped out of bounds short of the marker right in front of the Colts bench, and no one saw it, including the official who was looking right at it. I get Reich saying they never saw a replay until too late, but turn on any game, college or pro, and you will always see people playing referee on the sideline. You mean to tell me no one saw this? Cmon.

4) Get the troops back. Jack Doyle was sorely missed Sunday. If I have to explain why, you probably weren’t watching. He changes everything.

Q: In the event Bell does up being traded to Indy, how many more wins does he give the Colts? – Cristobal Esteban

Bell, of course, is current Steeler RB LeVeon Bell, who has not played this season. Speculation is rampant that he will be traded, and multiple reports link the Colts to a deal.

Bell is a great talent, no doubt. He’s probably the best three down RB in the league. Would he improve the Colts? Absolutely. He’d improve any team. Would he make the Colts a Super Bowl contender this season? I don’t think so. A playoff team? Probably.

I’m sure Chris Ballard has kicked the tires on Bell. I’m sure everyone in the league has. But ask yourselves: Do you really think Ballard would offer more than a mid-round pick for Bell right now, when he can sign him as a free agent following the season?

I’ve certainly been wrong before. Which brings a perfect time for the next question…

Q: Which Colts RB will lead the team in rushing yards/TD’s this season? – RJC

This is a damn good question. I looked up the stats and this does not bode well for anyone against bringing in Bell.

Right now Jordan Wilkins leads the team in yards with 120. 120??? He had 61 in one game. Yeesh. Nyheim Hines has the lone rushing TD. Only one player has a rush longer than 20 yards, and that’s Andrew Luck. Marlon Mack  has been battling a hamstring issue, and will probably never be in top form this season.

There is someone else waiting in the wings, however, and that’s Robert Turbin. The team has missed him. Turbin was statistically one of the top short yardage backs in the game during 2016, then in 2017 his coaches forgot he existed, and he wound up going on IR. Turbin is not a star, nor will be, but he has shown an ability to get the tough yards, to block, to catch passes. His return should improve the offense.

To actually answer the question, though, I have no idea. Is Walter Payton available? Barry Sanders?

Q: Hi Jeff. What is your routine on game day? I would love to watch a game with you 🙂 – Sara

Well now, hello Sara. The mailbag typically doesn’t get propositioned, but I will try my best to answer your question.

You probably wouldn’t enjoy my company on game day (or, to be honest, any other day for that matter). I don’t do anything special. I sleep as late as I can, which usually means 9-ish. I don’t play fantasy football, so no worries there. Normally once I wake up, I can’t wait for the game to start. I just can’t. I know I’m not alone in this.

I prefer to watch games alone. It’s just my preference. Definitely the odds of someone getting me to watch a Colts game in a bar or restaurant are very slim to none. Why? I just prefer not to have any distractions. I always have the laptop fired up as well, so I can make any notes I might want to, or shoot my mouth off on social media.

There is one routine I’ve developed this season, though, and it’s this:

Me: *rushes into store*

Liquor store clerk, who doesn’t follow football (really): It must be halftime. How are the Colts doing?

Me: *spouts off about game*

Clerk: Alright, well, hopefully they put it together. See ya man.

Q: Why do they make Colts baseball hats when they’re a football team? – QC

Now, common sense behooves me to assume this is a joke question, but the skeptic in me refuses to accept it.

Why do we drive on a parkway and park in a driveway? Why does LeBron James, 6’9″ and 260 lbs. worth of power and grace, fall to the court like he’s been shot 15 times with an AR-15 whenever an opponent comes close to him? Sometimes things make no sense but you can’t explain them.

Slop, slop, slop.

See you soon, Colts fans.





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