Weekly Wrap-Up

Christmas week ended well for the Coyotes with a 2-1 win over LA. It didn’t start off that well with a loss to Edmonton.

I didn’t get to see the Edmonton game but from the stats and a friend who was watching it, it sounded like the boys didn’t play that well. They did battle back to tie the game but lost it in the third. Apparently Carcillo got a misconduct for firing off a puck after Jokinen got called for a penalty. My friend watching the game said it was no different than what other guys have done, yet he gets a penalty for it.
Tuesday night the boys played in Colorado and ended up taking it to overtime. I was hoping we would finally break the OT curse, but we didn’t. We are now 0-5 in OT. I was also hoping Doan would break his hat-trick curse, but again, he was stuck with 2 goals. I’m pretty sure he has never had a hat-trick in his pro-career. He always gets just two goals. I was hoping for Christmas Santa would give him the hat-trick. If he ever does get one, I hope it’s at home though. He would get the biggest standing ovation ever.
Last night the game against the Kings was a good one. I was hoping Bryz would get another shut-out but when Jokinen took a stupid penalty in the third, the Kings were able to score.
Bods was looking like a monster out there. He was hitting and battling through guys and shooting the puck like crazy. He hasn’t had a goal in awhile but if he keeps it up it won’t be long before it finds the back of the net.

Mueller broke his 21 game goal-less streak with a sweet pass from Doan. Doan and Mueller actually played really well together last night. They looked more and more like the Doan and Mueller of last year.

Jokinen looked like a pee-wee league player in the first. It was like he forgot how to play hockey (another Jovo moment?).

Bryz was making me really nervous at the end. He was out of position and flopping around like a dead fish.

I was impressed with King’s goalie Quick. He played a good game. He also seemed to have fixed his pants issue he had during the first rookie game… And I think I may have a new goalie crush on my hands. I hope he plays again tonight so I can watch him again. I am not a fan of LaBarbara.
Tonight the Kings come back to the Job to take another shot at the Coyotes. Look for some interaction between Carcillo and Ivanans as they were looking like they might have fought last night. They were definitely up in each others business. Brown may also get a beat down or be a target of many Coyotes hits for his cheap punch on Jokinen.

No word on who will be in goal. Bryz or Telly? Bryz didn’t play bad but will he need a rest with back to back games? Will Hale get to play with the back to back games with Klee needing a rest?
In other news, Paulina Gretzky sang the anthem last night. From the clip I heard, I was not that impressed.
New Years we will take on the Avs at the job. I will be in a suite for the first time and the margaritas will be flowing! It should be a good time with my hockey family. I am looking forward to it.

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