Hi everybody. I told you all that there was a big announcement and that there were big things happening and bam, here it is. Bearcats Blog teamed up with Bloguin and we have created this site. It’s going to be the same as the old site, but we have a banner, a cool looking logo thing, and a .com with no blogspot. It’s really all a guy could ask for. It took a while to switch things over because of my stupidity, some server thing that wasn’t Bloguin’s fault, and other crap that I don’t even care about and don’t know why I’m writing this part. Let’s skip to a new paragraph shall we?.

The first post on here is going to be a thank you post. There are so many people who have helped the blog and myself along the way. Getting asked to join a network was surreal. I started this blog, as none of you read, because there was no Cincinnati blog. Some dude with a Cincinnati blog commented on that post, but I never heard of his site and he shut it down like a week later so screw him. If Down the Drive started in November or December instead of the spring, I probably wouldn’t have started this site. Then again, maybe if I didn’t start this site, they wouldn’t have said “Let’s start a Cincinnati site that isn’t 100x awesome, but has more facts and knowledge.” I kid DtD, I like that site and hope you read them.

Let’s start the thanking right at the top. A few years ago while on vacation in Florida, my brother, mom and I went to a palm reader. She told me that I should start writing about sports. I chalked it up to her watching too much Everybody Loves Raymond, but she clearly saw the future as I have a real site on a real network. That’s actually true. But really, the first person I want to thank is Mike from Card Chronicle. I love CC. I post there. I comment there. I love everything about it. I wanted to have a Cincinnati site that was as much fun as CC is, with the same community of fans and generally good people. I wanted that for Cincinnati, so I started this site hoping that someday it will turn out like that. Also, CC front paged both Cincinnati/Louisville previews I had, and they helped generate the highest traffic day in site history. I want to thank the great, great Sean from Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician. I think his is one of the best college sites out there. He dedicated a twitter post telling people about the blog when I started it, and it’s still one of the coolest things that has ever happened in history. I believe my reaction was “holy shit Nunes linked to me!” He’s linked to the blog a few times, and it’s always so very cool. Plus, he put me on the blog roll, which is just awesome. Can’t thank him enough. Same goes for another great Syracuse blogger, Brian from Orange:44. He hyped up the blog early, and often. He took the time to do a little Q and A with me, and we watch the same shows and things. He follows the site twitter and my personal twitter. I don’t know how he found out about my personal twitter, but he did and we talk about shows like HIMYM. Because we are gay. I have to send a huge thanks over to Paul over at CNati for linking to the site. It’s incredibly nice of him and just awesome. And thanks to C. Trent himself for linking to the site once, giving me the second highest traffic day ever. CNati is just great. I can’t go any further without thanking the great Dan Hoard for letting me ask him stupid questions. Same with DeJuan Gossett for letting me ask him about the Wisconsin game and his UC career. And he inspired the Memorable Bearcat posts. Special shout out to Immanuel McElroy’s juco coach who commented on his post. That was pretty cool. I’m going to wrap this up with quick fire thanks to get this posted and the site up and running. Thanks to UCHuskies.com, the first site to link to me and twitter friend, both of the guys at Voodoo5 for being great, their interview was the first thing that got linked to by a few places and was awesome, Friar Blog is really nice, the great East Coast Bias had me on a roundtable that was amazing, RUScoop who does On the Banks and all the other nice Rutgers people, Byran at Pitt Script, he’s very supportive of the site and has a good one of his own, Chris at the Nova Blog, and Casual Hoya, sorry for cussing. Thanks to EDSBS for tweeting to me during the Sugar Bowl and getting me followers. And causing a Florida fan to tell me to suck Riley Cooper’s cock. That has been one of the highlights of having a blog and a twitter. Him tweeting to me, not the cock part. Thanks to everyone at Bearcat News and all the forums that I can’t remember. You guys are great. And a special thanks to Tim Starks who runs Queensbury Rules. He recommended me to Bloguin, and pushed hard for me to be included. I don’t know why he did, but I’m in his debt. I also thank Derek at Bloguin, and Stephen who did the banner. And Josh Katzowitz for allowing me to use that picture since it was on the cover of his book. I did ask him.

Lastly, thanks to all of you who read the site. If zero people read this, I wouldn’t have been offered a chance to join a network, gotten linked to, and made internet friends with so many nice people who are great. I mean, a reader wrote about the DePaul game in the worst losses piece. You guys are the best readers a guy could ask for, because you read what I write. Things will probably be the same. Obviously, I will keep cussing if I want. I’ll start pumping out content again.  I’ll try to find out what Vidal Hazelton’s surprise is. It’ll be back to the fun and nonsense. Thanks for being a part of the ride.

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