Hi. My name is Ryan. This is my blog. Why don’t I tell you all a little about myself? I have a degree in meteorology, but I haven’t got a job that uses my degree quite yet. I have another site you should probably check out, it’s called Is It Sports? and can be found at www.geocities.com/isitsports. I worked on that with my buddy Steve, but the jerk had to go out and get successful with a high paying job and a social life, which put me in a bind. You see, Steve was the only one who knew how to do anything with HTML, so I would write, but he wouldn’t be able to spend as much time as he would have liked on the site, so my posts were left unposted for too several days, then weeks, then one time, for a month or two. I still love working on that site, and it’s not a stupid blog, so it isn’t going anywhere. The Times will just be updated more frequently, but Is It Sports? will be more in depth and much prettier.
Ah. You’re still lingering on that bit about the “stupid blog” aren’t you. Well, I do think blogs are stupid. Not the concept, but the way they are over hyped and misrepresented. I hate how trendy they have become. What I wanted, initially, my dream, as it were, was to write as a supplemental income. I wanted a site where I could sell ads. Oh well, I guess I’ll stick with a blog.
Anyways… What to expect. If I were you, I would expect a post a couple of times a month, maybe more, hopefully not less. What I am going for is a 3/4 sports related content with 1/4 assorted, be it entertainment or other current events type stuff. Maybe I’ll have an awesome story to tell you. Who knows. I’ll try to keep the politics to a minimum, if any, it will be extremely local. After all, this is the Victoria Times and not the Washington Post.
Well, I hope you like the site, especially after I get a few more updates going on around here. Be back sometime with my first real post.

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