Welcome Back, Brian Daubach

Brian Daubach is a Red Sox again. I liked him a lot when he was a Red Sox earlier, from 1999 – 2002, for four years. He hit 21, 21, 22, and 20 homers while he was a Red Sox. Not many Red Sox players can boast of hitting that much homers in his first four years with the Red Sox other than greats such as Ted Williams and Jimmie Foxx. He was a person that went through a lot of hot and cold streaks though…but boy, when he was hot, he was hot. If Terry Francona, our new manager, can play him correctly and give him enough playing time, he could be a very solid bench player. Just bury him when he’s cold and play him when he’s hot…and whoo, baby! He didn’t have a very good year for the White Sox last year…we had no place for him, so he signed a contract for the White Sox. He had 183 at bats (which is about a month and a couple weeks worth of at-bats for a regular player, who hits about 600 times a season), and hit .200 with a .294 OBP. To put it in perspective, his best season with the Red Sox…he hit .294 with a .360 OBP, back when he was 27 and had 381 AB. In his last year with the Red Sox, he hit .266 with a .348 OBP and had 444 AB. A big gap from his Red Sox and White Sox days, eh?
Speaking of Red Sox players in the news, Chris Stynes signed a contract with the Pirates. You can find out my partner’s thoughts on that here. He played for the Red Sox in 2001, batting .280 with a .322 OBP in 381 at-bats.
I really like the direction the Red Sox are taking with their roster. I’ll start doing an evaluation of each position beginning with the next update. I’ll post my thoughts on each position and their minor league options. It’ll be interesting to break down the team. I can already tell you that I don’t have much issues with this team – I am looking forward to 2004. Truck Day is in six weeks. For those that don’t know what Truck Day is, it is when a truck leaves Fenway Park to wind its way to Fort Myers, FLA, full of the baseball equipment that the players will need during spring training. Spring training is not that far away…it is a fast offseason! Stay tuned.  Just make sure when you are on the New York Yankees schedule, you win!

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