Welcome to the OC

Couple quick hits for now, I’ll come back Saturday with a longer article.
1) Keith Foulke is back – those two singles to shallow OF were just pure luck and weren’t hard hits at all. He’s been back for a while now and now I’m ready to anoint it.
2) Orlando Cabrera – miss the kid. Glad to see a standing ovation. Came back a day early, ahead of his team, to attend the funeral of JP Villaman, the Red Sox’s spanish announcer. A lot of people were planning to go to the wake, so much that they had to make it into two wakes. Another untimely demise, the second related to the Red Sox. Bernie Logue, clubhouse chef, and now Villaman. Condolences to all affected.
3) I wouldn’t have minded OC returning – I think he’s made for Fenway Park. But is Renteria worth 40/4 more than OC is 32/4? I say yes. Alas, I miss him, like I miss all of The Twenty-Five.

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