Wells (12-7, 4.37) @ Towers (11-10, 3.88)

What, did you think it was going to be easy?
Why are we screaming our heads off over being 2.5 up in the division? About losing last night? This is the Toronto Blue Jays we’re talking about here. They weren’t going to roll over for us. If we win, 2 out of 3 in Toronto is an amazing feat given the way they’ve played us this season.
Towers has yet to truly solve us yet in his career, and we’ve got David Wells, who has been the season ace, going for us. I like these odds. Wells, the likely #2 starter for the Red Sox in the playoffs, has been a rock for us this year and if you throw out his starts where he was injured or had the flu (I know, I know, they count, and they should, but a healthy Wells …) his ERA is comfortably below 4.00, I am sure.
This is yet another one of David Wells’ former team. You may remember that he started his career out with Toronto and his second stint (after stops in Detroit, Cincinatti, Baltimore, and the Yankees) was after being traded for Roger Clemens. He then saw time with the White Sox, moved back to the Yankees, had a year in San Diego, and now here we are. (Think he’ll sign with Tampa Bay after next year? He’d have pitched for all 5 AL East clubs.)
Wells’ is 0-1 with a 6.98 ERA against Toronto this year. Yikes. Wells has a career 5.60 ERA against Toronto (119.0 IP) so part of me thinks that he tries to cowboy himself up to face his first organization, and it fails.
Will it fail again? Let us find out … tonight! (Okay, that wasn’t very suspenseful.)

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